Website performance and security improvement in 2020

Website performance and security

Website or site performance and security are the two main issues a business or company facing nowadays. As the technology-enhanced, new security fixes are deployed to the websites. In the end, businesses have to upgrade their security by investing a lot of money. Breaking the security or shutting down a website is getting easier for unsecured sites and servers. The term ‘DoS‘ and ‘DDoS‘ in the biggest problem for all the websites. There are many free tools and exploits hackers use to down a website. Thousands of websites are attacked or hacked each day.
Fortunately, there is always room for stopping these hackers by protecting the website. There are many free tools and strategies that a newbie can use to secure their website. It’s completely free and worth reading.

Problems with unsecured websites

If your website is not secured, you might be a victim of hackers and DDoS attacks. As the website grows as the haters of the website do. In the end, people want to shut down or hack your website. Because they want to leave you far in the competition or ranking.

Cyber attacks (DoS or DDoS):

You might be a victim of DoS or DDoS attacks If your website or hosting is not secured. DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) attacks are used to bring down a website or server by sending a large number of packets. If your website is not secured with a physical firewall or proxy server, it will go down during these attacks. As a result, you’ll lose your visitors and traffic to your blog.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies and hosting providers that offer free protection from such cyber attacks. We’ll discuss these solutions at the end of this article.

Database or login hacks:

The database and site Login are two main important things to secure. These contain all the critical information such as passwords, site database, etc. Hackers gain access to these databases of an unsecured website and steal the data from it. They may shut down your website by making changes in your database or logging into the site and deleting or accessing it.

There is always a security fix to a venerable environment. We’ll be discussing how to secure your database using SSL and WP plugins in this article.

Slow site performance and security

Site speed means a better user experience and more traffic to your blog. Site Speed is an important factor in S.E.O and the user’s experience on your site. If your site is running slow for any reason, you’ll lose people to your blog.

There are many reasons for the slow site speed of your website such as:

  • Low server resource or more ping of hosting provider’s server.
  • Incorrect word press and plugins setting.
  • Using HD or FHD images without optimizing them.
  • Using plugins or scripts from unknown providers.
  • The site may be under attack, resulting in slow speed

We’ll discuss how to resolve these issues using secured hosting, cache, and proxy at the end of this article.

Solution for website performance and security

Use Cloud flare for performance and security

Cloud-flare is one of the best companies offering free performance and security using their proxy network. It’s the all in one solution to your website problems whether its performance/cache or security.

Cloud-flare passes the traffic through their secured servers and performs various checks on it. This secured proxy server plays the main role. For performance improvement, cloud-flare uses cache on the servers in different countries to show cached pages or low latency servers near them. It offers free protection up to 300 Gbps from cyberattacks, which is very good. Cloud-flare offers SSL and apps for your website for more security and user experience. They also protect your D.N.S, Original IP address, and hosting information for more privacy and security.

You need to change your name-servers to cloud-flare to use performance and security on your website. It automatically optimizes your site with the default settings which can be changed later on from the dashboard.

Use a better hosting provider

Hosting can be a reason for your site performance issue. If you use better hosting, you may achieve 100% speed on google page speed. There are many hosting providers offering performance and security for a few dollars.

Servnet web hosting:

  • 2GB of S.S.D Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth or visitors
  • cPanel access
  • Free DoS and DDoS Protection
  • Featured support for site performance
  • Pricing starts from 2.5$ monthly

Name-cheap web hosting:

  • 10GB S.S.D Storage
  • 50,000 visitors a month
  • cPanel access
  • Attacks protection
  • Basic support
  • Pricing starts from 3.88$ monthly

Compare plans and features

Thanks for reading our free guidelines for website performance and security. If you have any questions related to this topic, please comment below for a free guideline.


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