New Five Star Ditto Den in Pokemon Sword and Sheild Isle of Armor Location 2022


Although it is pretty challenging to find or breed Ditto Den in Pokemon Sword and Sheild Isle of Armor, things have changed now.

We will talk about:

  • Ditto Den’s location in Pokemon Sword and Sheild.
  • Where is the Ditto cave?

Let’s begin.

Ditto Den in Pokemon Sword and Sheild Location:

In Pokemon Sword and Sheild, the Ditto is scarce, and its farming is a challenge, but there is a way you can do it the promising way.

You can find Ditto on Ditto Island. Yes, this island is the new feature in the Pokemon Isle of Armor, and you can find many Dittos here.

Here you can also use some methods to farm Ditto in high Individual Value breeding. Now, it is also true that there is no guarantee that you will find a Ditto there on every try.

But you can be sure of it around 90% of the time. Moreover, there is a high chance that those Dittos you find would all be five stars.

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Where is Ditto Cave?

You can find Ditto in the Grand Underground in Dazzling Cave and Stargleam Cavern once you have defeated the top four.

Then enter the cave and look for Ditto. If you can’t find it, come out and reset the spawn of Pokemon.


I hope you get a 5 star Ditto by using this method. Let us know in the comments which other guide you want.



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