Minecraft update 2.50 version 1.19.30 – Full patch Notes

Minecraft update 2.50

The most awaited Minecraft update 2.50, is released by Mojang. The patch version for this update is 1.19.30. This is out with fixes, modifications (like using local wood for construction), vanilla party, and more.

What is new in Minecraft update 2.50| patch note for 1.19.30

In the latest version, developers have tried to provide players maximum pleasure. By using the view function, you can gain skills and irreplaceable experience. If you are an observer, you can quickly move through portals in the game. Moreover, observers will have no display of caps or elements on them.

Mangrove swamps

Since the appearance of the first ecological niche in the world, great and diverse regions of astounding beauty have cropped up in it, each place has features that attract visitors, some of them being distinct.

In the same way, other swamps present new dirt blocks that can prove irreplaceable during construction projects. It is a primary get-and-keep material that is widespread and readily available.

Additionally, Minecraft update 2.50 version 1.19.30 allows players to use local wood when creating buildings and repairing existing structures. For example, it helps improve a wooden shield.


The creature allay is a fantastic assistant and a friend in your journey. Allay can be found in enemy cells. If you get lucky enough to free Allay and give him an item, he’ll repay you by being your friend.

Minecraft update 2.50

In the latest version, the allay will be able to bring you the same item, and you can make him dance in the dark. Further, the objects he got will glow in the dark.

Patch notes for version 1.19.30

I’ll summarize each update for you in bullets.


  • It is updated the Fireball entity collision box to comport with Java Edition. The Enchanting Table (enchanting table) sounds when enchanting an item.
  • Amethyst stones do not make noise due to their size when jumping off a surface. The meltstone filled the upper surface to match the top layer’s texture (MCPE-31035).
  • The animation of the sequence of item stacks will play when you include an item to stack (MCPE-23995)—additionally, fixed an issue whereby the Armor stand would remove any Light Blocks covering it when the frame was moved over it (MCPE-151856).
  • Structure names were modified to contain underscores, such as those in the edition of Java (e.g., ancient-city- prehistoric city). The Old names will still be used, but they will no longer be in the auto-completion.
  • They tackled the issue where a wooden table was not dropped with command (MCPE-160186).
  • After eating the stew, it will leave an empty bowl on the slot.
  • Whenever you drink, it will leave an empty bottle on a table instead of an open inventory room (MCPE-26438)
  • Now you can burn oak and mangrove gates used as fences (MCPE-160098).


  • The size of the hoglin and zoglin’s hitbox is changed according to the java edition (MCPE-65424)
  • Improved Sculk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor rates during Dark City and Avatar and Java Edition (MSPE-153525) installations than Java Edition.
  • The cat’s head position is also modified to fit into the java edition.
  • The villager with a nametag will be displayed along with the trade order.

Spectators’ mode

  • You cannot renew your cap while in spectator mode (MCPE-156929). At the same time, players, in a spectator’s way, can’t display burning animation in Lava Cauldrons (MCPE-160331).
  • Spectator mode will have no powder snow fog effect (MCPE-156683).
  • Notorious animals will no longer bother the spectators (MCPE-157065).
  • While in spectator mode, you won’t be able to gain particles (MCPE-160397) while sprinting. They also won’t be able to emit particles in the applied status effect (MCPE-160398).
  • Players will face no anger in spectators’ mode by endermen (MCPE-156742).
  • Spectator Mode players will no longer access Sculk Sensors submerged in water or lava (PSA-153879). Players switching into the Spectator Mode will unhook all fishhooks attached to their avatar.
  • Spectator mode players can no longer get pushed by explosions (MCPE-156687).
  • Powder Snow has a large area and does not create particles when visitors pass through it (MCCPE-153876).
  • In spectators’ mode, Leafs do not tilt when touched MCPE-156696), and you can keep your inventories and armed items when you die (MCPE-156681).
  • If you have an outstanding, you can not see it while holding (MCPE-153882). You can target the audience with /test for command.
  • In spectators’ mode, you cannot enter via /game-mode 6 commands or /game mode. Parrots will hope off while entering the spectator’s mode. Animals and mobs will stop following you, along with the attempt to resemble spectators’ behaviors.
  • We have warm feet after encountering a spectator gamer in Category mode. Now Frost Walker is immune to water, the pufferfish’s most significant liability.
  • Touch-based simulation robots no longer damage boats and minibusses (MCPE-158307).

Minecraft update 2.50|The fixes

Performance and stability in the new Minecraft version 2.50 are kept on point:

  • It fixed an issue frequently, resulting in the Villager bounding box desync from sleeping with it.
  • The crash caused by the players’ failure to stay on the bed in the bed game has just gotten fixed.
  • When you move through the shop, the game doesn’t crash—fixed a crash that could occur when you resume the game on Xbox.
  • They fixed an issue where deleting cloud-synced worlds did not remove the cloud version of the world when a player deleted the world locally.
  • Fixed the stuttering problem for PlayStation 4 when the framerate was low (CVE-158902). Fixed a crash issue with the untyed Shuckers.
  • The most prevalent symptoms tend to resolve once the circumstances are improved. Minecraft [MCPE-155025] will not require restarting.
  • The concerns for baby falls from the saddle are fixed
  • They fixed a crash situation on some devices when load occurs (MCPE-160800).
  • If you want to fix the crash, when you click on the world without a name, click play on the realm.


  • Music is no longer required to download from the Marketplace and has been added to the mobile app.
  • Fixed issue: A player may see in top snow while wearing Elytra suits diving into it.
  • Fireballs can now climb out of the door more quickly if there’s a chance they might get stuck (MCPE-160938). Carefully positioning the keys between the keys will not make the keys move to the subsequent key.


  • Creative players aren’t frightened by Enders. A bug causing a fault for Leads to break with Allays when the owner changes the track’s dimensions (The Damage Control Act) prevents embarrassment.
  • The continuation of Enderman teleportation limit was expanded to 32x32x32 feet to prevent it from attempting to despawn itself by teleporting (MCPE-158269).
  • Always and Bees should not get stuck on Lanterns or other low-hungry objects. The EDU logo appears on the screen in the 80s.

Blocks, items, user interface, and graphical fixes

Blocks·       Moved Brick Slab is now an online file (MCPE-157852)
·       Banners spawn better
·       Corals fans will look similar in each direction
·       The white glazed terracotta is back with the command control
·       Creative mode inventory lacks sea grass and kelp
·       Supporting blocks will appear on maps
·       Irons bars are back, and you can use the command
·       Motions are turned smooth in roller motions
. No old sapling to steal items from a list
Items·       Dropped items will no longer be stuck with you
·       Fire overlay is not moveable while burning to hold items
·       Mangrove, crimson, and wrapped plans are repairable
·       Unnamed tools will work properly
User interface·       Name tag background offset is fixed
·       Glint animation will show as the UI bug was fixed
·       A new disconnect message will show around the actual disconnection
·       Retry button back to sync with cloud in Xbox
·       Items will merge during the tick threshold assign
·       New set button for creating a new world
·       New disconnect error message if you face problems reconnecting
·       The wrong message with non-Unicode characters caused spacing problems.
·       No one can display NPC’s names
·       The crafting arrow can easily fit pocket UI without any clipping issues
·       After breaking beds to avoid raids, the raiding bar will lose grip.
Graphics  ·       The Player’s texture and UI elements will no longer turn pink
·       The issue is still there because the water flowed across certain waters, which caused the texture not to be correct (MCPE-156281).
·       Flowing lava and water textures animations error in iOS devices
. No more static dimension of the universe’s ultimate size when it’s raining in the overworld

Technical updates

The summary of the update is in the table.

UpdatesMinecraft update 2.50| Fixes
updated ad-on template. Now available in Add-On for 1.19.30, updated with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, please download ataka. ms/MCAddonPacks.
Copy coordinatesWith these keyboard shortcuts, you can copy your current or block ads:
1)      Turn Count + the number 1 is the default to copy the current coordinates.
2) Control + Alt + X is standard for dragging or pointing out a particular block.
General·       Minecraft:instant_despawnno longer affects players’
·       numerical character properties will get the right commands
·       If a parrot crouches beside individuals other than itself, it adjusts its position.
·       Text to Speech will not be able to discern volume initially.
·       Fixed a problem where an item (from the creator’s features) would duplicate after a death (MCPE-128897).
·       Creators can add 0.875 cubic units outside the regular unit cube on one side.
Commands·       A new paste button is here to command the block screen.
·       The run command executes the filters at the location (MCPE-156283).
·       Fixed a bug caused by a percentage prepended before a scoreboard player’s name in the chat output.
. When killing a player in Creative Mode using the Command Kill command, a message states there’s no way to kill it (RFC-16732).
Game-test framework·       Bug fixed where function-length would return blank figures.
·       Returns the squared length of the vector.
·       Memory watchdog
1>  Note that this scheme warns you on logs before the math restrictions are reached. Setting that limit to 100 ft causes the alarm to sound.
2>  Setting the limit height to 0 reduces the number of times a timer is triggered.
The limit to slow code indication was extended from 2 to 2-6 ms.

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