How to fix Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account

How to Fix: Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account
Minecraft launcher error

The most loveable game in the gaming world is facing an issue of “Minecraft launcher is not available in your account” with code error “0x803F8001”. The error appears while launching the game. This article will be a “how to” fix guide for your launcher error.

Easy fixes for the Minecraft launcher is not available in your account

These fixes worked most of the time for every player. It only consists of three steps, i.e., 1) checking for updates by store, 2) clicking the “Get” and “Play” button, and 3) reinstallation of Minecraft Launcher.

How to Fix: Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account

Checking for the latest store updates

While searching the Microsoft store for the latest Minecraft Launcher, you must wait and see the latest Microsoft updates. While doing so, ensure your operating system is the latest one available.

Install all your Microsoft pending updates, then restart. All good to launch for Minecraft.

Clicking the “Get” and “Play” button

While you select the “Get” button, the next step should be to click the “play” button.

The launcher should open without any issue, but in case you still face a problem. Try hitting the “Play” button twice.

Reinstallation of Minecraft Launcher

By far, your issue must be solved. If you still face the problem, go to the “settings” bar and select “apps and features” to uninstall the previous Minecraft launcher.

Restart your device.

Reinstall the Minecraft launcher from the Microsoft store by keeping the above two steps in mind. Avoid downloading from the Minecraft website.

Launch your video game for flawless action.

An alternative protocol to fix the error0x803F8001.”

The following strategies will help you get over the error “Minecraft launcher is not available in your account.”

Protocol 1. Singing out and in

For the Microsoft Store account you are signed in with, and there can be some problems with the built-in caching element. Try signing out and then signing back in with the same user account.

Act by simply going to profile and selecting Sign-out.

To slog in, sign in and continue with your previous account.

Protocol 2. Correct the automatically set “Time & Date.”

Sometimes the error appears due to the automatically set Time and date according to standard. You need to customize it from your region’s Time and date.

Go to the settings of your PC and select Time & language. Then continue to Date and Time, which you can sync with your region.

Tip: before launching the game, ensure you have the same account on your Microsoft store and your Xbox. This will ease your access game.

Protocol 3. Running troubleshooter

The Microsoft store sometimes faces issues, so windows have a troubleshooter. Follow the procedure by:

Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account
  • Go to setting
  • Select update and security
  • Then run troubleshooter
  • Select addition troubleshooter
  • And go to the windows store app at the bottom of the page
  • Hit the action button of “run troubleshooter
  • Then restart the PC and try installing the game launcher

Protocol 4. Clearing Microsoft store cache

To clean the cache, run the “WSreset” command. It will begin the management and implement automatically.

After completion, the store will pop up, where you can try launching Minecraft.

Protocol 5. Installing the old Minecraft launcher

Expert players suggest reinstalling the old launcher for minecart. This helped them to solve the issue instantly.

While downloading, go for the windows 8 version launcher because apparently, players faced the issue with a launcher for windows 10 & 11.

To do so, click right on the old launcher and go to the compatibility tab. After that, you can adjust compatibility to windows 8.

However, the old Minecraft launcher doesn’t support many new game editions like bedrock.

Protocol 6. Resetting the Microsoft store

It can solve the issue, so follow the steps:

  • Go to setting and hit Apps
  • Select apps and features
  • Select Microsoft app
  • Go to advance options and scroll down to the reset button
  • Take action
  • Reset the store and open it after completion
  • Try installing the Minecraft launcher

Protocol 7: Restarting services and installing Xbox identity provider

On the backend, many services are in action, so you can try resting them by simply following these steps:

  • Go to services on your PC and open the services app
  • Scroll to windows update services and double click on it
  • Set the startup to automatic and click apply
  • Click ok and restart (on the top left)
  • Repeat the same procedure with, i.e., 1. Microsoft store installing service 2. Background Intelligent Transfer Service 3. Xbox Accessory Management Service 4. Xbox Live Auth Manager 5. Xbox Live Game Save 6. Xbox Live Networking Service

What is the Minecraft launcher error 0x803F8001.”

Minecraft error code 0x803F8001 indicates that Microsoft has difficulties with usage rights confirmation or that the game is missing from the Game Pass catalog.

It might occur when launching an Xbox One game or application like Minecraft. This could mean that we’re having difficulties with usage rights confirmation or that the game is absent from the Game Pass catalog.

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