Minecraft There was a problem loading this world

Minecraft There was a problem loading this world

The famous Minecraft in Xbox and Play stations is winning hearts. It’s a block-building game that has captivated players of all ages for years with its simple yet addictive gameplay. At the exact times, players are facing several loading difficulties.

However, recent reports have suggested an error “Minecraft, there was a problem loading this world.” The players can’t load the world, and the game automatically redirects you to the home screen.

While it’s unclear what’s causing these issues of loading the world in Minecraft, we can solve the problem through some theories and ways to get over it.

Reasons for Loading errors

It’s normal to face issues in Minecraft, which usually happen due to technical difficulties on your or the operating system’s end.

Sometimes the Minecraft world gets corrupted when your console is unplugged. Experts suggest deleting your locally saved data for this game and redownloading it from the cloud.

Please note that this method will only work if your local saves haven’t overwritten your cloud saves.

I still didn’t understand the trouble. There may be something wrong with your world file itself. Try opening it up with a text editor and look for any corrupt or damaged data. If you find any, delete them and try loading the world again.

Fixing: Error-there was a problem loading this world

It can be frustrating if you’re getting an error when trying to load a world in Minecraft. But don’t worry, there are some things you can do to fix it.

First, check to ensure you’re using Minecraft’s most up-to-date version. If you’re not, update your game and try again. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your Minecraft folder and reinstalling the game.

Reinstalling will reset everything so you may lose some progress, but it can fix errors like this.

Minecraft There was a problem loading this world
setting bar

Still, having trouble? There may be something wrong with your world file itself. Try opening it up with a text editor and look for any corrupt or damaged data. If you find any, delete them and try loading the world again.

Hopefully, one of these solutions will work for you, and you can get back to playing Minecraft!

Resetting world

Sometimes the files get corrupted, but if you are lucky, they might be safe in the folder. You must go to these saved folders and recreate your world as it was before. Copy these files to repair the old world into a new one. While copying the ancient world, delete the blank world files.

Take time to ensure you have not misplaced any of your things and keep them as close to what you can remember of your damaged world. After all, we’re creating a copy instead of repairing the original.

If you turn your Creative Mode off, you’ll lose any accumulated items that are still present. You will have to swap them with new things. It would help if you learned how to make it into your world without dying and ending up in a subsurface region.

Reloading the chunks

If you haven’t recently resized your hard disc, the first thing you should do is reload the chunks valuable to your world. Hit the right-sided F 3 key on your keyboard.

This will correctly reload all your video game parts. After tapping the shortcut key, we advise allowing the game sometimes. Check to see if the holes disappear after a couple of seconds. If this is not the case, take the subsequent step.

Lowering render distance

This popular game might significantly affect your graphics card. Minecraft can’t handle the number of players. They produce difficulties by giving higher render distance.

Consequently, I recommend reducing your game’s render distance in the video settings. Depending on your computer’s hardware, you can set the value between 8 and 0 for best performance. This should help your computer load elements of the game more quickly.

Removing unwanted shader mods

If none of the methodologies have worked, you should try deleting unwanted shader tweaks. Try uninstalling recently installed mods in-game.

Uninstall optifine for the better ability of a game to load chunks without affecting third-party applications.

Fixing: Minecraft-there was a problem loading this world Xbox and PS-5

Unplugged consoles can create issues of loading the world in Minecraft video games. So first, clear your locally saved data and resync the worlds.

Minecraft There was a problem loading this world
Fixing errors

You will follow these steps.

  • Go to settings –>Open general –>Open network settings –>Go offline
  • Go to My games and apps –> Minecraft –> Manage games & add-ons
  • Save your data
  • Select your profile, and choose “Delete from the console.”

This will delete your local saves for this game, but you can get it back as the data is already present on the servers.

  • For 10 seconds, press and hold the Xbox button on the console and shut it down.
  • Unplug the power cord from the whole Xbox body for 30 seconds (If you’ve had the old Xbox One, unplug both the supply line and the socket).
  • After 30 seconds, plug everything to turn on the console
  • Then follow these steps

Settings >General> Network Settings> Go online.

  • Launch Minecraft video game (do not open any worlds)
  • Start syncing all your planets and exit the game
  • After 30 seconds, launch game

If the issue persists, then contact help Minecraft.

Current file corruption

File corruption can also create problems in loading the world, so you can recover the file by following these steps:

  • Backup Minecraft world and go to saved data location
  • Looks for worlds with loading errors
  • Open them and the DB folder inside them
  • Locate file “MANIFEST-XXXXX.”
  • Copy the name but not the file itself and Open the CURRENT file with Notepad
  • After that, delete everything in the file but keep the file Paste in MANIFESTAT-xxxxxx.
  • Save the changes
  • Check if you can load the world.


Players often face errors in Minecraft while loading the world. It usually happens due to 1) console problems and 2) file corruption.

You read in detail how to tackle these issues reading above.

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