How to surf in CSGO | Simple Tutorial


CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global offensive) is a popular game in 2020 that has many gameplay modes including Surf, Match, Zombie mod, Casual play, etc. The surf mode is one of the best modes since Counter-Strike 1.6 has introduced. The surf gameplay mode is really challenging for some players.
The surf game mod is not officially announced by Valve. It’s the unofficial game mod just like the zombie mod. However, you can join and play the surf server without any worries about the ban.

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Steps on How to surf in CSGO

Please follow the steps and practice them or learn to surf in the game.

Step #1: Open the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game.

Step #2: Join a surf map with offline bots or online with players. You can find the surf game server at the GameTracker.

Step #3: If you can’t find the server in GT, go to the workshop in steam. Under All maps, click View Workshop. In the opened window, search the word “surf

Step #4: Alternatively, you can join the surf server from the Community tab in the game.

Step #5: Join your favorite surf map from the results of the search.

Step #6: Once, you’ve joined the server. Focus on two buttons A (Left) & D (Right) and mouse for directions. Keep holding the W and Space key for walking and jump in the game.

Step #7: Now, start walking and jumping down on the ramp while holding D + mouse right direction. Then do the same with the A + mouse left while holding the walk key “W” and Space key.

Step #8: Keep pressing W + Space and switching A+mouse right, D+ mouse left to do the surf.

Step #9: Practice it, and you’ll be a master in surfing soon.

Why Surf is hard

It’s not hard but requires practice and time in the game. Surf is actually very simple and requires mastering with the practice of hours. It’s the result of how you concentrate on the A and D keys and move the mouse to the landing position.

You can join surf maps in the CS: GO Community servers and join them for free. There you can practice how to surf with the guideline. Don’t worry we’ll guide you completely on how to do that.

The surf method is the same for counter-strike 1.6 and cs: go games too so you can learn for both games. We recommend you practice the surf on an offline server with a long map.

Top Surf Maps in CS GO

Here is the list of best surf maps in the cs go game. You can get the maps at Steam by subscribing to the page. Find more information on our category page here.

  1. Surf_ski_2_go
  2. Surf_kitsune
  3. Surf_ForbiddenWay
  4. Surf_Mesa
  5. Surf_Summer
  6. surf_greatriver 2015
  7. surf_egypt



Q: How to find surf maps in csgo?

Ans: To find surf maps, go to the steam shop and add a filter “cs:go” and type “surf”. Now, click the green subscribe button on the map.

Q: How to bhop in csgo?

Ans: Watch the full cs:go bunny hop tutorial at:

Q: How to join a surf server in cs go?

Ans: start the CS:GO game and go to CS:GO Community browser tab. Then, type surf in the search box and click connect to join the surf map server.


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