How To Get Free WiFi At Home 2021

How To Get Free WiFi At Home

How to get free wifi at home is the demand of the modern 21’st century. As, all the apps, games are even education doesn’t work without it. But unfortunately in some countries, ISP’s charge too much for the internet especially mobile networks. Mobile networks use wireless technology to transmit WiFi internet. This is why the mobile internet is not a good solution for the high usage of the internet as the plans are very basic and limited.

Free wifi is the best solution to solve this problem whether you’re at home or office. This is totally legal way to gain access to the Free WiFi offered by restaurants, cafes, and public places. There is a perfect solution to scan these free networks near you.

In this article, we’ll sort list the best popular android apps that scan free WiFi networks near you. These networks require no password as their owners shared it free to use.

Get free wifi at home

There are many ways to use free wifi at home. Some of them are discussed below.

Use free wifi scanning apps

There are many free wifi networks that cannot be reached by a normal wifi scanner. These hotspots wifi scanning apps scan these hidden wifi networks and connect you for free. WiFi apps contain a large database of hidden and free wifi networks around the world. The wifi networks available for connectivity without a password. While most of them are just available publicly in different locations.

Some of the best of these apps are listed below.

  • WiFiMapper:

On the best free WiFi apps contains that not only shares free WiFi networks but hidden networks as well. So this app shows a map of the city or location with free WiFi networks. The closer to your location is available and available free to use. It also shows the WiFi signal range and strength. The developer also added a feature to share your WiFi network with other users.

  • Wiman:

Wiman quickly finds out free and hidden WiFi networks where you go. It notifies you via sound or message whenever free WiFi is nearby. This app contains a built-in WiFi manager sorting the networks based on their quality. You can also earn rewards using this Android app by sharing your WiFi with your friends and users nearby.

  • Avast WiFi Finder:

The leading cybersecurity software company just released a free WiFi scanning feature. Avast has enabled its users to find free wifi networks near them. Avast has the largest database of free wifi networks than anyone else because of the security features.

Get Free WiFi by visiting popular areas

Many places near you offer free WiFi guaranteed. As the owner’s themselves offers it free in their locality. If you want to use these free networks, you must consider moving to such places. Some of the popular areas with free WiFi are listed below.

  • Libraries:

The library is always facilitating people with free Wi-Fi to educate people. As the people in the library are reading books and educating themselves. There is always the need for an internet connection in the modern age. So, the library is always a good option to use free WiFi.

  • Local Stores:

Recently, food and glossary stores have started free WiFi to attract their customers. However, WiFi will not be fast as expected because hundreds of people are connected. But at least it gives you connectivity to the internet as long as you are in the store.

Looking for more ways on How to get free wifi at home? Stay connected with us because we’ll be uploading more modern ways for you to get free internet at home legally.


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