know how to automatically harvest honey

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, then you know that honey is a valuable item. Not only can it be used to heal your health, but it can also be used to make potions and other items. But do you know how to automatically harvest honey?

Have you ever wanted an infinite supply of honey without having to do any of the work? Well, now there’s a way to do it in Minecraft! This new method allows you to have as much honey as possible without lifting a finger.

The automatic harvesting of honey

Pollinated bees enter beehives and work tirelessly for some time. Once done, they exit the hive, raising the honey level by 1. Once it reaches 5, the block’s appearance changes, indicating that it is complete, and then dripping honey particles will appear if suspended from the ground.

If a beehive is sheared, its beehive overflows with three honeycomb items. Since traditional shears are used for pumpkins, the honeycomb items are generated in the middle of their score and then poured out, which is the intended activity there. If an empty wine bottle is used in the hive, the bottle fills up with honey, turning it into a honey bottle. However, this must be done manually rather than via social media.

Process: how to automatically harvest honey?

Honey is an excellent resource to have in Minecraft. You can use it in crafting as a source of nutrition, sugar combs, and honey. By the way, if you drink a spoonful of honey, you can also cure your poison.

You can automate the honey harvest procedure to gain much honey and reliability in processing it. I’ll describe the process here, which will help you build a honey farm and a continuous source of honey.

know how to automatically harvest honey

Lookout for a preferable location for a farm

While looking for a perfect location, you need to keep two things in mind, i.e., the farm’s safety and productivity. The bees in Minecraft overworld will only be following a day and night cycle.

You need to build bee farms in nether and end dimensions for the bees to work endlessly to generate honey. They will rest for a few moments but work again to continue with the honey supply.

You can use nether portals to access the bees in the overworld while building a shield for protection. This shield is a structure you make to protect your bee farm from mobs. You can also look for Basalt Deltas, the safest biome place in the nether dimension of Minecraft. Only magma cubes go for spawning in the Basalt Deltas, and you can quickly kill them.

Gathering bees

Once you’ve already made a location for a bee farm, you’ll need at least one bee. Bees appear in meadows, plains, sunflower plains, mangrove swamps, and flower forests biomes, although they can also be found in prairies, grasslands, tundra, and savannas.

You will always find them hanging near naturally occurring birch and oak trees, crawling with bumble bee nests. When the sun has come up, it will usually be near blooming flowers where the bees are out hunting.

You have two alternatives for acquiring bees for your bee farm.

  • The first method is to capture them from their bee cocoons and relocate them to the site where you wish to build your bee farm. If you choose this method, you should have a beehive on hand (or beehives) to facilitate the bees’ relocation.

To construct a beehive, you must assemble three honeycombs and six pieces of wood (any variant). When you have these items on hand, place three honeycombs in the center of your crafting grid and the six slabs in the first and second rows.

You can hold a flower up to the bees and shepherd them to release in a beehive at which you have built one. You can also attach a lead to each of them, and they will move toward it.

  • You could take the whole nest with you, which is the most straightforward alternative way of taming a Minecraft bee farm if you are aiming to build a park of it far away from where you plan to construct the nest. Moreover, you can’t use a tool with Silk Touch on a bee nest to break it. If you fail to break the nest, you will anger or kill the bees inside it.

Preferably take the bee nest with you at nighttime or while raining because it is when all bees are inside the beehive.

Make some storage for food Gatherings

Right now, we’re proceeding to move on to building the genuine bee farm. To start, position a wooden box on the ground, and situate a bin above it. The wooden box (a chest) is where you will store the honey containers and or honeycombs, and the hopper is what will lead those products into the wooden box.

You can start placing a flowering azalea in front of the hopper, or you can use grass (in case you were using a flower) or a dirt block. To make it a food source for bees, place flowers on top of dirt or grass, and here you have a continuous source of bee food.

Prepare bee chambers

Place blocks over the flowerbed to create a chamber. Build a temporary block above the flowering azalea or flower, and then place the glass block at the top, front, and side.

Afterward, break the temporary setup and place the nest in its original place. But before setting it, make sure that you have at least one bee present inside it. Otherwise, it will be challenging to do it later.

Adding dispensers

Adding the tool you need to the bee farm will enable it to collect the honey and honeycomb for you. That’s where the dispenser comes in.

Position the dispenser directly above the bee nest. Do this, then, ensuring it faces down toward the bee nest. Then, tap it, and pour the grid with either nine shears (for collecting honeycombs) or nine glass bottles.

Redstone mechanism addition

This is important to make your Minecraft bee farm automatic by giving it power. For this, you need three solid blocks and place one on the back of the bee nest and the other two behind the dispenser.

know how to automatically harvest honey

Follow the steps:

  1. Put a temporary block next to the block you place on the back of the bee nest.
  2. Then place another solid block next to the temporary block
  3. Select a Redstone comparator and put it on the last solid block while removing the temporary block
  4. Place another solid block next Redstone comparator and place a concrete block on top of it and a slab next to it
  5. Remove the temporary block and place another slab next to the block above the comparator, as pictured above.
  6. Now, place one unit of Redstone dust on each block and slab connecting the comparator to the dispenser.

The automatic Minecraft bee farm is now ready!

Collection of honey

Your Minecraft bee farm is now complete. Now, wait for the bees to make enough honey and honeycombs for you to collect.

You’ll know it’s harvest time when all five Redstone dust lamps light up. When that happens, open the chest and get all the honey bottles and honeycomb.

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