Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven Tier List

You need to have the best Epic Seven saints in your group. Be that as it may, with all the accessible saints, which ones would it be advisable for you to get? Here are the best Epic Seven legends.

Complete Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven is perhaps the most well known RPG gacha games in the market at this moment.

The interactivity circle spins around gathering saints that help you progress through the story. You can choose up to four of these saints to use in Epic 7’s turn-based fights.

In this aide, we will rank Epic 7’s legends as per their detail development, abilities, utility in fight, and surprisingly their specialty employments.

So right away, here is the most exceptional and conclusive Epic Seven legend level rundown, refreshed for the most recent fix in 2021.

These are incredible legends that quite often direct the manner in which you assemble your fight party. They have magnificent detail developments that make them valuable anytime in the game. Their abilities are additionally the absolute best. Putting resources into these saints when you get them is a certain method to overwhelm fights later in the game.

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Authority Vildred is still acceptable and stays comfortable at the first spot on the list and has now been joined by Yufine, Roana, and Vivian who were climbed from A-Tier.

Other-worldly Montmorancy, Challenger Dominiel and Ken dropped down to A-Tier.

Hero Stars
Arbiter Vildred 5-star
Auxiliary Lots 4-star
Seaside Bellona 5-star
Ruele of Light 5-star
Iseria 5-star
Martial Artist Ken 5-star
Specter Tenebria 5-star
Yufine 5-star
Roana 5-star
Vivian 5-star

Tier A

Saints that make up a large portion of the game’s current meta. They have practically identical detail developments to S-level saints, and their abilities are additionally viable in fight.

Hero Stars
Landy 5-star
Angelic Montmorancy 3-star
Challenger Dominiel 4-star
Judge Kise 5-star
Operator Sigret 5-star
Dizzy 5-star
Ervalen 5-star
Krau 5-star
Briar witch Iseria 5-star
Mort 5-star
Vildred 5-star
Luluca 5-star
Bellona 5-star
Celine 5-star
Kise 5-star
Fallen Cecilia 5-star
Tywin 5-star
Sigret 5-star
Angelica 4-star
Blood Blade Karin 4-star
Basar 5-star
Ravi 5-star
Silver Blade Aramintha 5-star
Sol Badguy 5-star
Violet 5-star
Kayron 5-star
Melissa 5-star
Top Model Luluca 5-star
Little Queen Charlotte 5-star
Sez 5-star
Achates 4-star
Tamarinne 5-star
Alencia 5-star
Elphelt Valentine 5-star
Lilias 5-star
Adventurer Ras 3-star
Blaze Dingo 4-star
Crimson Armin 4-star
Elena 5-star
Charles 5-star
Ken 5-star


Diene, Assassin Cartuja, Cidd, Chloe, Clarissa, and Commander Lorina have all been dropped down a couple of Tiers to B and C-Tier.

Disarray Sect Ax has been consigned right to D-Tier and has fallen out of sight the META. These fallen stars have been supplanted via Landy, Ervalen, Operator Sigret, Briar Witch Iseria, Mort, and Adventurer Ras.

Tier B

These saints are still acceptable, yet as correlative units. You can in any case arrive at the endgame with a full gathering of B-levels, however it will be essentially harder. Keep these legends around in light of the fact that some of them have very specialty utilizes relying upon your gathering piece.

Hero Stars
Aramintha 5-star
Flan 5-star
Chloe 5-star
Ray 5-star
Assassin Coli 4-star
Maid Chloe 5-star
Last Rider Krau 5-star
Shooting Star Achates 4-star
Tenebria 5-star
Charlotte 5-star
Diene 5-star
Destina 5-star
Champion Zerato 4-star
Baiken 5-star
Cermia 5-star
Celestial Mercedes 4-star
Lidica 5-star
Kawerik 5-star
Remnant Violet 5-star
Karin 4-star
Falconer Kluri 3-star
Apocalypse Ravi 5-star
Cerise 5-star
General Purrgis 4-star
Haste 5-star
Kitty Clarissa 4-star
Shadow Rose 4-star
Leo 4-star
Specimen Sez 5-star
Rose 4-star
Rin 4-star
Researcher Carrot 3-star
Mascot Hazel 3-star
Baal and Sezan 5-star
Assassin Cartuja 4-star
All-Rounder Wanda 3-star
Guider Aither 4-star
Ludwig 5-star
Fairytale Tenebria 5-star
Mercenary Helga 3-star
Watcher Schuri 4-star
Assassin Cidd 4-star
Blood Moon Haste 5-star
Crescent Moon Rin 4-star
Mirsa 3-star
Lots 4-star
Guider Aither 4-star
Zealot Carmainerose 3-star
Fighter Maya 4-star
Faithless Lidica 5-star
Tempest Surin 4-star
Magic Scholar Doris 3-star


B-Tier has just lost Silk and Dark Corvus, who were dropped down to C-Tier.

It has acquired, in any case:

Flan, Last Rider Krau, Fairytale Tenebria, Guider Aither, Zealot Carmainerose, Magic Scholar Doris, Crescent Moon Rin, Blood Moon Haste, Mirsa, Lots, Fighter Maya, Faithless Lidica, Cerise, and right from F-Tier – Tempest Surin, who has gotten a couple of buffs to return her to the game.


These are normal legends that will not blow anybody away in any feature of the game. Use them just in the event that you host a particular gathering mix considering them, or on the off chance that you like their abilities.

Hero Stars
Dingo 4-star
Yuna 5-star
Holiday Yufine 5-star
Silk 4-star
Cidd 4-star
Dark Corvus 5-star
Luna 5-star
Clarissa 4-star
Commander Lorina 3-star
Serila 4-star
Carmainerose 3-star
Lilibet 5-star
Mui 5-star
Politis 5-star
Batisse 3-star
Wanderer Silk 4-star
Chaos Inquisitor 3-star
Sonia 3-star
Senya 5-star
Bomb Model Kanna 5-star
Designer Lilibet 5-star
Glenn 3-star
Great Chief Khawana 4-star
Lucy 3-star
Solitaria of the Snow 5-star
Choux 5-star
Zerato 4-star
Gloomyrain 3-star
Requiemroar 3-star
Sinful Angelica 4-star
Ambitious Tywin 5-star
Cecilia 5-star
Free Spirit Tiera 4-star
Hazel 3-star
Roman 4-star
Kizuna Al 4-star
Furious 4-star
Ainos 3-star
Schuri 4-star
Sage Baal and Sezan 5-star
Church of Ilryos Axe 3-star
Jecht 3-star
Crozet 4-star
Pavel 5-star
Khawana 4-star
Captain Rikoris 3-star
Hurado 3-star
Wanda 3-star
Mistychain 3-star
Surin 4-star
Righteous Thief Roozid 3-star
Khawazu 4-star
Dominiel 4-star
Doll Maker Pearl 3-star
Benevolent Romann 4-star
Coli 4-star
Celeste 3-star
Aither 3-star
Armin 4-star
Lena 3-star
Carrot 3-star
Taranor Guard 3-star
Ras 3-star
Zeno 5-star


The C-Tier haS several legends. In particular Desert Jewel Basar and Doris, who are not, at this point worth getting on the off chance that you have the decision.

Nonetheless, C-Tier exchanged out two legends for a busload more and has truly rounded out the working class saints.

The accompanying saints have been added to C-level:

Ainos, Holiday Yufine, Luna, Mui, Politis, Sonia, Senya, Bomb Model Kanna, Designer Lilibet, Glenn, Great Chief Khawana, Lucy, Solitaria of the Snow, Choux, Doll Maker Pearl, Gloomyrain, Batisse, Requiemroar, Zerato, Hazel, Roman, Schuri, Hurado, Church of Ilryos Ax, Captain Rikoris, Khawana, Dominiel, Mistychain, Wanda, Aither, Taranor Guard, Crozet, Ras, Zeno, Carmainerose, Benevolent Romann, and Carrot.


With their shoddy detail developments and dull battle capacities, these legends fall behind as far as feasibility. These aren’t the most exceedingly awful in the game — yet they are very close. Trade these out when you improve ones.

Hero Stars
Kikirat V2 3-star
Eaton 3-star
Gunther 3-star
Bask 3-star
Hataan 3-star
Maya 4-star
Alexa 3-star
Ian 3-star
Eda 5-star
Troublemaker Crozet 4-star
Mucacha 3-star
Sven 3-star
Doris 3-star
Pyllis 3-star
Godmother 3-star
Butcher Corps Inquisitor 3-star
Arowell 3-star
Elson 3-star
Purrgis 4-star
Rikoris 3-star
Lorina 3-star
Chaos Sect Axe 3-star
Montmorancy 3-star
Archdemon’s Shadow 5-star
Ains 3-star
Helga 3-star
Otillie 3-star
Cartuja 4-star
Nemunas 3-star
Roozid 3-star
Desert Jewel Basar 5-star


Corvus was the solitary unfortunate soul to get dropped down to F-Tier from D.

On the other side, numerous legends got climbed from F to D-Tier:


It’s anything but even worth utilizing these legends in fight except if it’s simply the beginning of the game. Drop these saints promptly in light of the fact that they’ll top from the beginning.

Hero Stars
Corvus 4-star
Mercedes 4-star
Adlay 3-star
Roaming Warrior Leo 4-star
Tieria 3-star
Judith 3-star
Muse Rima 3-star
Kiris 3-star
Enott 3-star
Azalea 3-star
Kluri 3-star
Pearlhorizon 3-star
Rima 3-star
Taranor Royal Guard 3-star
Jena 3-star


F-Tier stays immaculate with Jena directly at the base where she’s constantly been.

You’ll see that there are a couple legends in S-level, yet a ton of them are spread in levels A through C. This is particularly evident after the mid 2021 arrangement of patches. B and C-Tiers have acquired an enormous number of legends, making it genuinely simple to assemble a group that can basically have a battling potential for success.

This is demonstrative of Epic 7’s brilliant game equilibrium. It loans players the organization to assemble their gathering upon different techniques.

In case you’re looking forward to wandering until the endgame, try to counsel this rundown as you go. It will be savvy to bookmark this page as we update it occasionally to mirror the current meta.


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