Brave Nine Tier List

brave nine tier list

Before the main portion of 2020, there was this game considered Brown Dust that was beginning to acquire a significant after. It’s anything but a turn-based, strategic RPG that had gacha components. In March 2020, designers Neowiz and GAMFS Inc. rebranded the game into Brave Nine to oblige a few changes that the player base had for quite some time been requesting.

This move inhaled new life into the game by updating its frameworks, making it more inviting to a more extensive player pool. Making a level rundown for this game used to be a harder errand, however that changed with the re balanced bringing framework, which drove us to make this level rundown.

Why 3 Tier Lists?

Hired fighters in Brave Nine are classified into 5, 4, or 3-star units relying upon their extra-ordinariness and generally speaking battle capacity. The distinction in abilities and detail developments between the three classifications is so huge it’s a horrible idea to lump them across the board list. As per this rationale, the 5-star mercs would be at the top.

The way around this is to make a level rundown for every one of the 3 classes of soldiers of fortune. Thusly, each is assessed regarding units of a similar type.

Not Happy With Your Luck? Have a go at Re-rolling!

You’re allowed a specific number of opportunities to call hired soldiers when you start another game in Brave Nine. In case you’re not content with the underlying units you called, you can generally settle on a “reroll”.

Re rolling comprises in erasing your record and beginning once again. That way, you get a new opportunity to gather and acquire the hired soldiers you need. Re rolls are limitless, so you can take a stab on various occasions, yet remember that there is a 3-minute cool down in the middle re rolls.

To reroll, go to your game settings, search for Delete Account, and follow the accompanying advances. When you’ve effectively erased your record, Brave Nine will restart to a New Game where you’ll have a new opportunity to get the hired fighters you need.

Fearless Nine Game play Mechanics

The center mechanics of Brave Nine rotate around party the executives and battle procedure. To have the option to make an ideal gathering list, gain proficiency with the game’s mechanics first so you know which units to focus on.


Characters in Brave Nine are called hired soldiers or mercs. Every one has a particular class appended to them that decides their utilization in battle. There are 4 class parts altogether and they are as per the following:

1. Hero – these are your high DPS mercs appropriate for managing gigantic harm to foes.

2. Safeguards – generally alluded to as tanks, these mercs have high HP and guard credits to impede adversary assaults and ensure partners.

3. Entertainers – they spend significant time in AoE assaults, so you can without much of a stretch wipe out a gathering of foes.

4. Allies – they utilize their goes to buff or mend partners.

Each merc is additionally ordered as a 5-star, 4-star or 3-star unit relying upon how uncommon they are.


Battle in Brave Nine is tied in with situating your gathering in a 6×3 lattice, inverse the adversary party. When you affirm the situation of your mercs, the fight moves along naturally. You can’t pick what abilities your mercs use – you can just sit tight for the outcomes.

In light of this position-driven subject of fight, unit classes and their arrangement are so significant. Here’s a decent dependable guideline to remember: safeguards ought to be toward the front; assailants, for example, fighters and wizards ought to stay behind them; and backing units ought to be at the back.

Since you have a fundamental handle of the game’s stream, you can check the level rundown beneath to direct you in building the ideal party arrangement.

5-Star Mercenaries

5 star Mercenaries


Mercenary Class Skill
Seir Defender Devil’s Revenge
Levia Magician Forbidden Power
Lucius Defender Fallen Angel
Venaka Support Vigorous Dance
Foxy Warrior Combat Manual
Seto Warrior Dominant Force
Beliath Support Skeleton Contract
Valze Warrior Blade of Betrayal
Asmode Support Touch of Desire
Edin Warrior Unholy Power
Christina Warrior Tricolor Bomb
Refithea Support Help, Glutti!
Granhildr Defender Godship’s Shield


Mercenary Class Skill
Velfern Magician Pandora’s Box
Lillian Magician Endless Revenge
Alec Warrior Ultimate Power
Siegmund Warrior Paladin’s Will
Jin Warrior Gale Sword
Aaron Defender Light of Reflection
Nartas Magician Release Disaster
Arkan Defender Celestial Blessing
Deomaron Defender Cursed Shield
Angelica Warrior Divine Darkness
Veronia Support Saving Light



Mercenary Class Skill
Anubis Magician Forewarning of Doom
Hijin Magician Soul of Fire
Helena Support Let’s Sing Together!
Kaina Warrior Sacred Fury
Themis Support Light of Protection
Elija Warrior Beast Taming
Gunther Warrior Descending Fire Dragon



Mercenary Class Skill
Cecilia Defender Abyss Shield
Dwen Warrior Leadership
Michaela Support Maddening Faith
Dalvi Warrior Millennial Wait
Gloria Defender Scales of Judgement
Zenith Defender Hunter Instinct
Glacia Defender Glacial Shield
Mary Support Hero’s Song
Sabrina Support Member Encouragement



Mercenary Class Skill
Claudia Magician Marionette’s Rondo
Elise Magician Death Ending Love
Ventana Warrior Draw Sword
Floria Support Mother Nature
Barbara Warrior Javelin Throw
Bathory Magician All Mine!
Kaoli Defender Champion Shield
Valtor Magician Mother Nature’s Power
Kaina Warrior Sacred Fury
Vermont Defender Chivalry
Rafina Defender Mechanical Dive
Ymir Defender Titan’s Sword
Astrid Defender Guardian’s Creed
Garinoth Magician Soul Collapse
Rogan Warrior Annihilation


4 Star Mercenaries

4 star Mercenaries


Mercenary Class Skill
Hell Magician Prayer for Destruction
Zarka Magician Bloodthirst
Ceres Support Eye of Mana
Joseph Defender Pagan Declaration
Leto Warrior Shadow Blade
Xenon Warrior Bloodfest
Corette Warrior Witness Elimination
Iris Defender Irresistible Charm
Niya Warrior Cat Punch



Mercenary Class Skill
Alche Warrior Destructive Hammer
John Support Light Barrier
Viola Warrior Shadow Arrow
Krull Warrior Punishment
Eunrang Warrior Rear Ambush
Leah Magician Destructive Lightning
Esther Magician Conjuration of Affliction
Jacklin Defender Escort Stance



Mercenary Class Skill
Bruno Magician Neo Armstrong Jet Cannon
Brisa Warrior Three Musketeers’ Wisdom
Orienne Warrior Lethal Wounds
Dr. Morgan Warrior Time Bomb
Mora Defender Anger of Tenacity



Mercenary Class Skill
Maya Warrior Mark of Prey
Rene Defender Purifying Spear
Varion Warrior I’ll Copy You!
Camilla Warrior Three Musketeers’ Fury
Magnus Magician Magical Predation


3-Star Mercenaries

3 star Mercenaries


Mercenary Class Skill
Cordelia Warrior Red Flame Sword
Hyeon Wol Support Light of Reinforcement
Claris Support Prayer of Protection
Velona Magician Flame Explosion
Maria Magician Destructive Magic
Beatrice Warrior I’ll Beat You!
Carlson Defender Firm Will
Cordelia Warrior Red Flame Sword



Mercenary Class Skill
Cynthia Magician Blizzard
Marron Warrior Piercing Shriek
Ron Warrior Mocking Bash
Marlene Magician Magic Orb
Arines Support Bear Up!



Mercenary Class Skill
Noel Magician Fireball
Mercedes Defender Mirror Shield
Wiggle Warrior Fire in the Hole!
Bran Warrior Musket Fire
Julie Support Spiritual Recovery
Kozak Warrior Bone Crusher



Mercenary Class Skill
Sloan Defender Toxic Spurt
Lydia Warrior Drilled Thrust
Melody Magician Flash Explosion
Asera Support Wound Explosion
Rigenette Warrior Critical Arrow


Notice that there are less mercs in both the 4 and 3-star records. That is on the grounds that a ton of them in this gathering are excessively feeble, and you probably will not utilize them in your play through.

The 5-star list contains all hired fighters in that classification since every one of them are reasonable individuals from your gathering turn at some random time.


Courageous Nine has a mind boggling fight framework that rewards talented players. It actually has gacha components, however, so fabricating your group with the right units is additionally a major factor for achievement in the end game.

With this rundown and a couple of other accommodating tips that were given in this article, you can scout ahead to streamline the best list you’d prefer to appreciate the remainder of the game with.

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