Benefits of technology | Advantages and Disadvantages Essay 2020

Benefits of technology

The growth process of humankind has always been a fascinating topic for many. A big part of this process is concerned with the development of science and thus the benefits of technology. In this age of extreme technological advancement and ease. When everything’s on your fingertips, any talent, relationships, conversations. Ease to such extent forces us to forget the values. Thus we forget sometimes to ponder, what wonders technology has brought to us.

Industrial Revolution benefits

Industrial Revolution changed the world. It was when humans finally applied mechanical knowledge to make huge machines. These huge machines were used in the mall production of required products. This ended many handheld processes that were not only hectic but tiresome to do by hand. In the long run, it is the Benefits that save our time, Labor, resources, prices, and providing a better quality of products.

Processes like handcrafting, shoemaking, clothes production Or it comes to riding the wheat. The industrial revolution made all these processes easier. After the industrial revolution, It took a few minutes to stitch an entire dress. When it used to take days to stitch one by hand. This means in less time more stitched clothes could be made. Which would further reduce the cost of clothing. Similar to this cloth example this technological advancement brought us ease in every sphere of our life. Daily necessitates became cheaper and more widely available.

Mobile Phones as technology

mobile phones as benefits of technology

There once was a time when communication was one of the greatest problems for mankind. It would take days and considerable resources to just communicate a letter. Wars were lost due to a lack of communication. People hoped and waited for a single letter all their lives from their -kins.

Even not so long ago about 30 years or so communication was limited to landlines. Communications through landlines were slow, Low quality, and expansive. The introduction of mobile phones and modern communication evolved the field of communication forever.

Just by dialing a simple number, we can contact people miles away. across the borders and across the seas. Across the deserts and across the mountains. It made the lives of people completely fulfilling in the field of communication. Businesses became fast and more productive. Businessmen don’t have to travel miles to make a simple deal or unproductive deals.

Contacting any loved one is on the distance of your mobile phone from you. This rapid way of communication integrated human relations, behaviors, productivity, and usefulness of time. The modern communication method through mobile helped us to communicate forecast of disasters to people at distance. And above all, every person roaming around carries a device through which he can connect globally. So in general mobile phones has also increased the reach of humankind. And thus we can live a life of greater impact than our predecessors.

Internet technology benefits

internet as technology

Internet is yet another miracle of the modern era that explains how does technology helps us. Consider how hard it would have been for people searching libraries just to find a single definition. Consider people wandering lands to learn languages.

Just to find a cure to diseases that weren’t curable in their native lands. The Internet is yet another miracle that has changed the lives of humans. Everything, literally everything is one click away from you. You can get anything, any grocery, accessory, technological gadget. Or you can hire some talent to work for you, or you can sell your talent sitting in your home.

You can access any information, “anything” just by writing it and hence more benefits as an outcome. This phrase sounds like magic and that’s what the internet is. It is the largest library in the world, that has existed or will exist. The Internet has enhanced human communications, contributed to education, and made our lives vast by connecting us to people around the globe. It provided us with the ease to sit at home and enjoy movies and series for free.  Enables you to read free content like this article and increase your personal resource.

The Internet has not only facilitated human growth in education, health, and communication. The Internet has also become the biggest platform for businesses. Conventional promotions, marketing has evolved into digital promotion marketing and advertising. And the Internet has helped businesses grow by allowing businesses to market their product to a much greater audience than they could ever have without the internet.

Social Media benefits

social media as technology

Social Media is basically an internet site where people around the globe can share their thoughts. Along with their thoughts, they can post their pictures portraying their lifestyle, in general, their personalities.

In a broader aspect, Social media has enabled humans to get to know other humans better. It maintains and develops a certain trust level on strangers around the globe we don’t know. It helps us know about the people better we don’t know in actuality. Social media has become the focal platform for connecting people, from within a countries vicinity or outside.

It has also helped many unknown people to get recognition. Many great speakers, talented as hell would’ve gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for the platform for social media. Social media enables every user to a certain extent to turn himself into a celebrity. Social media in a greater sense has changed the norms of being known or being public influenced. With help of social media just anyone, even without any financial resources can distinguish himself as a leader, influenced, speaker, etc.

Disadvantages of technology

It is very clear and well known to us that whatever technology can improve us, it leaves some problems. That’s right, technology has disadvantages too. All we need to do is to balance the lifestyle with technology not too much nor so less. This will help us avoid the dis-benefits or disadvantages. The first and most important one is, technology is not bringing us together. People are spending more time on social media with unknown friends or people rather than giving time to their families. More and more people are engaged with others in negative ways.

The second disadvantage is we spend a lot of money on technology too. As the result, we have to pay monthly bills for repairs, maintenance, and purchasing. This might be temporarily benefiting the rich people but the poor get poorer as their jobs are replaced by a machine or mobile.

Similarly, there are more disadvantages on the list, which we’ll discuss later on our site.

Final thoughts

Technological advancement has changed the view of the world for us forever. But to some extent, I think it has also brought us a few misfortunes. Due to excessive ease, people have adopted to become lazy. Things have lost value because there’s a replacement for everything.


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