Best Android Emulator for Windows 2021

Android Emulator for Windows


An android emulator for windows in simple terms is an app that allows your android apps and android games to function on your PC or laptops. It can also be understood as a virtual device that acts as a host for Android applications on your PC or laptops. Now comes the most wanted question, ‘is it safe to use Android emulator for windows free on laptops or PC’?

Of course, it is. The testimony to this is that thousands of people are using emulators to use different mobile features on their PC. There are numerous Android emulators out there on the Internet web. But since we are humans and we tend to opt for the best option. We are providing the list of best Android emulators for windows free you will find on the internet. And yes completely free.

Blue stacks Android emulator free

Blue-stack is one of the oldest and very popular android emulators. It is used by thousands of users worldwide. Blue stack in the world of android emulators has built its name of the trust. It is compatible with low spec computers. For as low as 4 GB RAM can run this application without any lag or fps problems.

Blue stack with its integrated and customized settings as an android emulator. It provides a smooth user experience and runs android applications (.apk) very smoothly. It also one of the most favorable emulator applications to play games. The extreme android like user interfaces and feel facilitate the user. Another plus point to Blue stack is its user-friendly design. Even a novice can easily install and use Blue stack without facing problems.

Andy Android emulator free

Andy is another android emulator. It also provides all android features on the emulator. But a plus point for Andy is it’s a Facebook support group. Many people find it hard to install emulators or sometimes get some kind of error while using them. It is most satisfying if you find people at an official place where people from around the globe have faced a similar problem.

So you can easily post the problem you’re facing on the Facebook group. And get a fast response or solution to the problem you faced. It’s my personal humble opinion, Andy in terms of game play and smoothness rates a bit lower than Blue stack.

Game loop Android emulator free

A game loop a few months back was widely known as Tencent gaming buddy. It had made its way to the top of the list of android emulators. It has specially configured to work at optimal settings with the PUBG game.

With the increase in popularity of PUBG. Users from all around the world started downloading the Game loop (Tencent gaming buddy), emulator. It’s game play and other user experience was smooth and trouble-free. Support works quickly and provides solutions to problems faced by users quickly as well.

If android emulators have any genres, the Game loop will fall down in the android gaming genre.

KOPlayer emulator free

KO player is another free android emulator. It is focused on light software and small software application. It goes well with low spec computers and enables such people to experience an android emulator without spending their resources on computers, to run an emulator.

Just like other normal android emulators the KO player makers have also tried their level best to make it a more user-friendly and lag-free application for smooth game play and android works on the computer.


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